• Adam Chambers

10 Reasons why the new Primal Fitness is Better!!!

1. It’s bigger! Well over twice the size of Primal mk1

2. The Strength Shack! We now have 2 separate rooms. One for our group classes and one free weights room – so people can work towards different goals at the same time.

3. More equipment…We’ve made big investments in the new gym. Squat racks, extra weights and bars including a Trap bar plus extra functional toys too, med slam balls and tractors tires and loads more.

4. A chilled out waiting area – so now you can come to a class earlier and hang out with other primates before a class or rest up on the comfy sofa after a tough session.

5. Extra trainers, Simons back at Primal adding an extra dimension to our training.

6. A changing room – come and get changed in our little private room before and after your sessions.

7. 6 week weight loss courses, these classes are going from strength to strength with morning and evening classes helping everyone lose weight in a structured group environment.

8. Extra classes…We now have Boxercise 5 nights a week with the brand new Boxercise ‘n’ Beer every Friday.

9. Longer opening hours. Primal’s now open 6:30 – 8:30am and 4-9pm. So, you can come and train before or after work or why not both!

10. More education and training plans. Anyone who wants to train away from the classes will be given a personalised training plan and be guiding through the new exercises

So, there’s our 10 ten tips! There’s also loads of extra benefits to our new space. Come and have a look to see for yourself

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