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5 ways to stay motivated this year

Motivation is a funny thing, sometimes we can't stop training and drinking kale shakes then before we know it, we're stuck in bed surrounded by empty pizza boxes. With the latter being a terrible choice so here are few tips to rise above starting with a classic. 

Set a Goal 

Setting a goal is a tried and tested method to keep you on track. Pick something you really want to do, make it personal for added motivation be it a 10k run, a cycling sportive in the Peaks, a big deadlift or to lose weight - whatever it is, write it down and stick it on your fridge for a regular reminder.

A big goal will also help you organise other things too in that if you're training for a marathon eating fast food every day will hugely stump your progress, a better diet will help you lose weight which in turn will make running easier - it should all go hand in hand. 

If your main goal seems a long way away then it's important to set mini goals at maybe 4-6 week intervals to keep the motivation high. With a marathon as our example subject a 5k organised run could be at the end of month one and 10k the following month. This should be done for all grand goals, whatever that may be. 

Here's an older blog how I used a big ride as training motivation. 


Keep it Real

With goals in mind, make sure they're realistic. If you haven't trained for years and the new goal is to train every day - you won't! It's too big of a change, you'll get tired, then you'll be sad and finally you'll quit. 

So..... just say you'll have two great sessions each week and eat more vegetables. This is perfectly manageable, will set you up with an excellent base and therefore make you happy. 

Think of the Benefits 

With all that being said sometimes we don't have a measurable goal, I often don't so here's what I do to keep me off the couch. 

I regularly think about what exercise and eating well is giving me, how everything I've been doing positively affects my life in being able to do most things not necessarily competitively. For example, if my Dad wants help moving a massive plant pot then I can do it which makes me feel good. With being slightly past my prime I feel its super important to move well, be strong and able so this continually motivates me to keep training.

Also, when you achieve things that in the past seemed out of reach celebrate them, however small they may be they're all adding to the benefits of your hard efforts. 

Mix Things Up 

If you're the type of person who gets bored easily then mix up your training, doing the same type of workout each time will lead to less motivation to train where as if you mix up say - weights, boxing and running you'll keep yourself so much more interested and therefore motivated. 

Group classes can hugely help too as they are generally a mix of exercises and methods plus the added social side of things. 

Go Easy on Yourself 

If you're exhausted from a busy day then take the night off and recharge the batteries. Forcing yourself to train will potentially make you dislike it. 


Just turn up and go easy, have some chats, do a bit and head home. As in one of our previous blogs we don't have to kill ourselves every time we train. 

Hope these help a little and if you have any further questions then be sure to get in touch. 

Simon @ Primal

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