• Adam Chambers

A dog’s guide to weight loss

In January 2018, our beloved Nan Pauline passed away, which left her lovely little dog Pepper needing a home. So, Pepper came to live with us. She had to earn her keep and so she started her job as head greeter at Primal Fitness.

Being only a small dog, Pepper was far too quick for Pauline and had Nan wrapped around her little paw. So, she would not only get fed the odd (lots of) tit-bit, she would often steal food from poor Pauline’s plate, too.

Along with Pepper’s not-so-perfect diet, she wouldn’t get a great deal of exercise either. She’d get walked a couple of times a day, but being a quick, naughty little dog, she didn’t have much time off the lead to stretch her legs and get that heart rate up.

All this added up to Pepper being a little bigger than she should have been, weighing in at a hefty 10kg (much to the vet’s displeasure).

Fast forward 15 months and Pepper is looking much slimmer after losing 3kg – an amazing 30%.

So, how has she done this, and more importantly, why the hell am I banging on about my pet dog?

Well, Pepper has been moving more and eating less! She’s also found an exercise she enjoys – sprinting after a ball in the park. This gets her heart rate up and gets her puffing and panting. Also, she’s stuck to a much better diet and the pounds have dropped off!

In a world of mixed signals in the fitness industry, with different fad diets, shakes and the next quick fix being sold by celebs and social media influencers, Pepper provides an important lesson: eat well and move more and you’ll get healthier.

Remember to think like Pepper and the weight loss will come!

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