• Adam Chambers

Aye Corona - Bodyweight Workout

Here's another bodyweight Workout for you. The complete workout we did we

All of w1, rest, All of W2, rest, All of W3, rest and all of W2


Then the killer was all W1, all W2, all W3, All W4 Non stop.

It's tough!!

Give us a shout on info@beprimal.co.uk if you have any problems

Workout 1 Star Jumps x 50 Squat x 40 Sit ups x 30 Press ups x 20 Jumps Squats x 10 Workout 2 High knees x 50 Lunges x 40 Leg Raises x 30 Wide Press ups x 20 Burpees x 10 Workout 3 Rope Climbs x 50 Mountain Climbers x 40 Core kick outs x 30 Press up, 1 hand forward, 1 hand back x 10 Press up. 1 hand back, 1 hand forward x10 Jump outs x 10 Workout 4 Fast Feet x 50 Side Lunges x 40 Core Cross over x 30 Flutter kicks x 20 Jump Lunge x 10

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