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Five reasons why you’re still not losing any f***king weight!

Losing weight is a hard slog. There are so many different theories out there. Every newspaper and website shouts about a new kind of diet, one unlike all the others that really works! There’s no carb. Low sugar. Atkins. 5/2. Paleo. Weightwatchers. Low GI. High fibre… the list goes on. No wonder we’re all confused.

At Primal Fitness we’re not into fads aimed at making a quick buck. We’re into common sense. Here’s our guide to why you’re still not losing any f***ing weight!

1) You’re eating too many calories.

This is obvious, but still a hurdle many people trip over. All diets are based on calories in and calories out. If you’re not losing weight then your calories are too high for your movement levels. Start eating healthier foods that are high in protein. This will help cut down your calories and satisfy your hunger better.

2 )You’re not reading food labels

Always read food labels. Remember, most food manufacturers are not on your side. They want you to buy their product but don’t care about much else. They will happily give their product a healthy look even if it’s loaded with sugar and processed nasties. You may think you’re eating healthy food, but the label often tells a different story. Seemingly innocent foods like pre-prepared porridge, smoothies, sweet potato fries and even pre-packed salads can be laced with high levels of sugar, which will really hamper your weight loss.

3) You’re not moving enough

Many of us live sedentary lives. We drive to work, sit down at a desk all day, drive home and then sit down some more at home. This won’t help you reach your weight-loss goals. We’re built to move and movement is a key part of weight loss. The old advice of walking the stairs, walking to work and taking a stroll at lunchtime will all help you become more active and make you feel better.

4) You don’t train hard enough

Any exercise is better then nothing! But to really get results and shift that weight, you have to train hard. This doesn’t mean destroying yourself every session, but over the weeks you need to increase your exercise levels, whether that’s running a little further or faster, or lifting heavier weights… this is all progression and as your body adapts to the exercise, training harder within your limits will push your fitness and weight loss to the next level.

5) You're giving up too easily

Weight loss isn’t an easy ride. There will be struggles. Some weeks you won’t lose weight and you may fall off the wagon from time to time. But giving up is the worst thing you can do. Remember – and this is where so many of us go wrong – it’s important you don’t see regular exercise and healthy eating as just a means to an end. If you see it as a quick fix to lose weight and get that ‘dream’ body, you’ll probably fail. Instead, it’s best to view regular exercise and healthy eating as an amazing, healthy, positive thing to do in your life over the long term. And then, if you stick at it, you will naturally get a body that looks better and moves better, powered by a stronger heart and muscles. That’s the attitude that will lead to the weight loss you’ve been trying so hard to achieve.

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