• Adam Chambers

Go hard or go home? What a load of bull

In the fitness industry we are often told to train hard, smash yourself, destroy your body and achieve quick results. We're also plagued with images of celebrities and Instagram models getting amazing results fast, often spouting the phrase "go hard or go home".

In essence, this phrase is saying: "Train very hard or don't bother."

But we all have busy lives and tough jobs, and sometimes the thought of going full pelt at the gym and putting extra stress on ourselves isn't very appealing. So, if we think it's always a case of go hard or go home, it's very easy to just not bother.

Rather than living by this law, if you're feeling tired and not really up for "going hard", the best thing to do is head to the gym anyway. Just have an easy session, a steady warm up and a stretch. If you don't fancy the gym, go for a walk, a bike ride or a little jog. You can work on weaknesses, hit that trouble area or just do some steady cardio and get a light sweat on.

Simply by turning up at the gym and doing a little exercise, you're winning. You're doing so much better than sitting at home on the sofa. Once you're there and warmed up, you might even fancy upping the pace a little.

Whatever you do at the gym, however small, you'll feel better for going. You'll be a step close to a healthier and fitter you. And that's so much better than just "going home"

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