• Adam Chambers

Here’s 25 quick fire tips for a healthier you!!

1) Walk more

2) Eat more veg

3) Lift weights

4) Find an active hobby


6) Don’t even START smoking

7) Run up some hills

8) Join a fitness club

9) Find a sport you like

10) Cut down on booze

11) Eat more lean meat

12) Eat fish

13) Set yourself an achievable fitness goal

14) Stop following fad diets

15) Stick to a healthy balanced diet

16) Buy a bike

17) Use fitness apps

18) Chuck out all your junk food

19) Read labels on foods

20) Don’t add sugar or salt to your food

21) Do bodyweight exercises at home

22) Stick to a fitness plan

23) Don’t fixate on the scales

24) Lean how to cook quick and healthy meals

25) Enjoy the journey of being a fitter, healthier you

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