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How Zoe became Primal....

I was always one of the lucky ones who had good natural genes enabling me to eat what rubbish I wanted, when I wanted and never seemed to put any weight on. That was until I hit the big 40! After a few years of telling myself the reason my clothes were particularly tight that morning was due to women’s problems, a delicate stomach, which at will decides to inflate forcing the wiggle dance to allow you to get dressed in a morning, with the good old fashioned breath-in technique to do the button up.

It wasn’t until it was pointed out to me at a 40 plus health check that I was slightly overweight did I realise my situation. Silly I know but it never occurred to me the size 10 clothes I had been wearing throughout my teen’s, 20’s and 30’s were woefully inadequate for my 40’s. Once the underwear had been replaced the bulges did smooth out but only slightly. I needed help as I had no idea how to diet let alone exercise. I had no confidence to walk into a modern gym with beautiful people working out in full makeup looking totally stunning from top to toe. Instead I hid behind my computer doing dipping my toe in the water or known as the chicken route of emailing smaller local gyms for support, but didn’t get any response to my plight until Primal Fitness responded and I was suddenly committed to meeting a PT. This PT turned up at my home on a bike, not flustered, and god knows how far he had rode. He was laid back, polite and professional and we discussed what I wanted and he was honest and realistic with my expectations. No I was not going to have a six pack unless I changed drastically and was that really the commitment I wanted when I had never done any exercise since school, and yes I am in my 40’s fast approaching the other side.

Anyway to cut a long journey short I signed up to 21 PT’s at the lovely chilled no frills gym which did what it said on the tin.

I gained the confidence and drive to start attending group classes and all was good for a year. I did boxing with a friend I made there each Monday and she was my motivator and drive to go. I signed up to circuit training on a Tuesday attending on my own joining in with the group,…………… then I missed a class, got lazy, found it hard to get out of the work, home, slob get motivated to go to the gym routine. I kept up the Monday boxing as I had my mate relying on me but the rest of the week went nowhere but the couch and television owning my company. Help the clothes were starting to get tight again!

On heading back to the gym for my Monday boxing I asked the new PT who had recently started working there what could I do to kick start me back into a routine and found he was doing a new class commencing for 6 week periods of three group classes a week, called Kick Starter. I signed up and parted with my hard earned money as this way I would be more inclined to attend. The PT in charge was laid back, polite and professional and we discussed what I wanted and he was honest and realistic with my expectations, strangely he was like a carbon copy of the other PT who owned the gym. Do all quality PTs come from the same model?

The other people within the group had their own goals and the PT managed every one of our rather high expectations. We also had a WhatsApp group where recipes and meal planning was distributed. We had to upload pictures of our meal’s and supported each other throughout the days, weeks now months. The group started as a miss match of individuals who turned into a team of support and great camaraderie for each other which is what the PT had said he hoped would happen as it was more than just his words of advice that we needed, we needed each other to help support our goals.

I really didn’t think I would sign up for more than one set of six weeks and here I am today as I write this review on my fifth set and boy has it been worth every hard earned penny and every ach and pain I have received.

Despite working as a group each exercise is tailored to meet your ability and the PT is watching your every move, encouraging you to push that bit harder when you are lagging behind. My body has lost the excess weight and being slightly overweight I have found it so hard to shed those last few pounds. Other members lost loads but I was so pleased for them it didn’t matter my weight was stagnating during the fourth 6 week period. My clothes fit so well even though I have stayed the same weight now for the past two sessions. Everyone says, wow you have lost weight, but I haven’t I am toned and eat the 80/20 rule as I struggle to be totally good, and to be honest I do not want to be. Life is worth living and I enjoy eating and to do the naughty food I need to do the good and what I get from this course is the ability to do both.

Well what can I do you ask, I can do a Clean Lift with no weights, but I can do it and I was so very proud of myself calling myself the Clean Queen. Don’t get me wrong others in the class can do it with weights and much better than me but when I did it the first time the cheer and support I received from everyone was elevating. This links back to the atmosphere the PT generated within the group from day one, we were in this together and support each other. I can do a Deadlift thing but with straight legs which we call the “Stripper Move”, Dumbbell weights are lifted above my head and skipping is a breeze from when I first started and kept tripping up, Lunges and Squat’s are slowly turning into Jumping Lunges and Squat’s and I am going to join the ladies who can do these effortlessly who I fondly call “Jumping Gazelles” and look on in admiration.

I am now a women who says she can, I am a woman who is growing in confidence with her body, I am a woman who will never be an athlete but knows and understands what she eats and how she moves will benefit her life for the better and I am a women like many others who didn’t have the skills or confidence or self-motivation to do this on her own. I needed a leader and I found that in my PT at Primal Fitness and the support of the group of people who have joined me in this journey. I also learnt what protein drinks are and not convinced by them, but I have given them a go along with the meal planning the PT has provided for over-night oats, simple nutritional meals and energy balls which are quick easy to make and delicious.

Now don’t get me wrong, the PT has said we can be a tough crowd, not sure what he means by that, and we haven’t reached our full potential when we complain about one of the harder exercises carrying onto the next sessions, but he is one of the girls in our view and we have dragged him out for a curry and a pint. He gets lots of grief from us through daily moans about wanting to be a Victoria Secret Model or professional athlete, and nicely informs us we might never reach these goals, but who cares we are strong women who have built up our stamina, confidence and toned our bodies and changed our diets for the better.

Who is this miracle worker you ask, well please don’t tell anyone as I don’t want him heading off to some rich folk as their personal PT, but he is known as Simon Chambers, of Primal Fitness.

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