• Adam Chambers

Is Breakfast So Important After All??

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but as with many things this has somehow slipped into common knowledge without us stopping to think why or if this is actually true.

Such thoughts can often put us under undue pressure to conform before the day has even started, this isn’t at all necessary as breakfast isn’t, in fact, as important and those pesky cereal companies would have us believe. 

Breakfast cereals are heavily marketed with their bright designs and quirky tag lines on a mission to convince us that without a bowl of sugary flakes we'll be struggling to keep our eyes open come 11am, this is far from the truth as many people can thrive while having their first meal a little later in the day and studies have proven it has little or no effect on our cognitive ability.

Consider these two examples.....

A single parent of 3 school aged children who works full time. I’m sure many of you can picture the hectic nature of this house during waking hours as a mixture of mild panic and push and shove nature to leave the house on time all fully clothed and relatively clean before school. To think that a nutritious breakfast can be a priority is expecting a lot when it would be more beneficial to set time aside in the evening to eat a great meal.


On the other hand If you’re inclined to leave the house in the rush and unprepared which then leads you to over indulge on crisps and chocolates from the vending machine then getting up a little earlier and eating breakfast would be a great start.

What I’m getting at is that we’re all different in habit and circumstance so whether or not you eat at 7am is somewhat irrelevant  - What is important is you total calories and nutrients from mostly quality food throughout the day be it in 2 meals or 6.

Here at Primal we are all about flexibility and if you don’t feel like eating breakfast then don’t, just fill up on good stuff later in the day.

Also, I’ll let you in on a little secret.......breakfast doesn’t kick start your metabolism so has zero effect on fat loss.


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