• Adam Chambers

Its Just a Dr. Pepper

Whilst finishing my lunch break in a cold porta cabin on a building site I noticed a lonely bottle of Dr Pepper on the edge of our mud stained table. I'd heard one of the guys mention as part of his daily commute he religiously buys 3 items, Newspaper, Milk and a Dr. Pepper. With that in mind I was interested in its contents in that what would having that single drink a day add to his daily consumption?

210 calories is the answer, sure not a lot on its own but when we think of this over 10 days it becomes 2100 calories which is close enough to the recommended daily intake and over a month its 6300 calories! 3 days worth of energy intake for one treat, so easily replaced with water.

What I'm getting at is that while you may think, its just a Dr. Pepper or a couple of biscuits with your tea, a chocolate bar at the petrol station, a grab bag of Quavers on the way home from London, they add up over time. So start looking at your caloric intake over a week and not a day because all those extra and unnecessary calories equate to so much more over time and can hugely affect your weight loss goals.

A few small changes can make a massive difference!!

If you require any help with your health and fitness or interested in what we can offer you at Primal fitness, please give us a shout. We'd love to help you out!

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