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Sabotage it’s a Self Sabotage…

So, the year is passing us all by. It’s raced through to October in the blink of an eye. With Christmas on the horizon last January’s goals could soon be a distant memory.

In this blog we look at what could well have sabotaged your goals without you knowing. These fitness saboteurs are real sneaky buggers.

Diet Saboteurs

When we start out on a big fitness push, we all go for it full pelt. No junk foods, no sugar, no booze. This all-out approach could be leading you straight to failure.

There’s so much temptation around it’s very hard to give up everything all in one go. A great approach is to cut everything out at home to take away temptation… and not having a multipack of crisps at home will definitely stop you heading for the junk cupboard.

Another way to wreck your diet is having no food in the house at all. If you return home from a full day at work and the cupboards are bare, you’ll be reaching for the takeaway menu faster than you can say ‘finger licking good’ (do they even deliver? I don’t know). Having food ready to go or even better batched and prepped will keep you away from Colonel Sanders’ empty calories.

Exercise Sabotage

Very similar to your new diet, we all start our exercise program with positivity and a plan to train all the time and smash our sessions, but this can be the worst thing you can do.

If your sessions are too hard, you can’t walk down the stairs the day after. You start to dread the next workout. Next thing you know you’re starting to miss sessions. This is the single biggest way to sabotage your workouts.

Start workouts slow, steady and do a routine you enjoy. Your body will improve and adapt real quickly and you’ll be smashing those training sessions in no time!

Oh and try to find an exercise you love! If you like lifting heavy and wanna get strong, lift weights. If you like dancing, dance! If it doesn’t feel like a chore you’ll be on the road to a fitter, healthier you!

Falling off the Wagon

A long-term saboteur of your goals is simply giving up! You fall off the wagon, or have a heavy weekend and miss a week’s training. Then you start thinking you need to give up and start again – next month or even next year.

This is the worst thing you can do. If you have a period of bad food or no exercise you just have to get back on it! Get rid of all the junk food in the house and get your exercise on again.

Think of your goals and where you want to be and get straight back on the road to fitness.

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