• Adam Chambers

Stop….Weight a Minute!

Here at Primal Fitness we like lifting weights, lots of weights from the big compound lifts like Deadlift and Squats all the way down to small accessory lifts - they all have there place in a well designed plan to help us become super strong and healthy for life.

Here are a few big reasons why you should make lifting weights part of your life.

- They help us look good naked. Becoming more toned is actually building muscle - When your body feels harder, tighter and more compact, that's muscle.

- It helps us burn fat by raising out metabolic rate which means you will burn more calories throughout the day.

- Lifting weights can help correct muscular imbalances created by our sedentary lifestyle.

- You will build strong bones and ligaments which help prevent injuries.

- Being strong is amazing, feeling yourself become more able and complete tasks you'd once of asked for help with is hugely satisfying. I remember when I pulled myself up a tree for the first time, it felt great and that was all down to lifting weights.

- A huge one is that you'll be youthful for longer, more able to run around, play with your children, do the gardening, walk up a big hill, dance and whatever else you enjoy.

If you fancy giving weights a go then swing by the gym and we will get you started on the road to being a stronger version of yourself.

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