• Adam Chambers

The Labrador Paradox

The Labrador is a fine dog - loyal, fun, sometimes smart, always hungry. The Chambers household had their very own golden bundle of joy and slobber named Freeby who famously ate a kilo bar of dairy milk, all of our Mums home made fruit cake and much to our friend Dan’s annoyance his giant pork pie, stealthy waiting for him back to turn. She was greedy, so incredibly greedy.

You may not be aware of this but you have your own Labrador living inside your head although your dog lacks the charm and friendliness of our Freeby. The one in your brain is a manipulative soul hell bent on overriding your positive thoughts and bullying you into eating a pack of French Fancies for its own excitement. It wants to eat everything in sight take a nap then do it all again.

The main part of our mind is logical, thoughtful yet weak and easily influenced whereas the Labrador is strong, selfish with the need for instant pleasure and if left uncontrolled can dominant your decisions.

All is not lost though as with any human/animal relationship you need to take control, be the boss, train the inner beast and ignore the call of the Labrador for just a dog and we can't have our lives ruled by one of them can we?

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