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The Muay Thai'd and tested way to get FIT

You may be aware that in the 1990's at the age of 14 I began my fitness journey as a Muay Thai boxing fighter with Melton Assassins gym. I fought numerous times during this period, and also had the privilege of training at the world-famous Jittis gym in Bangkok alongside some of Britain's best fighters. I would regularly spending my afternoons sparring and clinching with champions of the world. I don't like to brag, but I also picked up a couple of championship belts of my own along the way.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I wanted to use my fight training experience as a way to explain how anyone can improve their fitness using a Thai boxing fight camps' progression model.

Wait- it's not as scary as it sounds! Fight training is obviously a very intense, grueling environment, but the basic methods we used to get fit for a fight are actually very similar to the beginning of anyone's fitness quest. We would start our training 8-10 weeks before the agreed fight, our end goal was to get super-it, and we had to make sure we were a certain weight come fight night.

Preparing for Fight Night!

I want to use my Midland Title fight in 2006 as an example. I had 8 weeks to get from a sturdy 85kgs to a fight-fit 75kgs. This is obviously a lot of weight to lose in just 8 weeks- but with the correct diet plan and the structured method of our training it was achievable.

One main part of my training was 'rounds' pad work, which involves having a partner holding the pads to simulate a fight opponent, with that partner kicking and shouting at us to keep the energy up and get the best out of the session.

As you can see the rounds start at 3 x 4 minutes, at a slow pace in the first week, then we add one round every 2 weeks until you get to the lung busting 5 x 5 minute rounds. These are gently progressed as well as being specific as a Thai fight is 5 rounds. In the last week we would thrash 10 x 2 minute rounds to add speed and sharpness to the session.

With this training plan, the help of our trainer as well as a great bunch of lads to train with I got in amazing shape, smashed my weight goals, was fit as a fiddle and ripped to shreds. Did I mention I won?! So all the hard training was worth it.

Taking into account the aspects of fight training here's a list of points to remember that can help you get fit:

Have a strong set of goals with an end goal to reach, like a fighter preparing for a fight.

Include a realistic weight loss goal- certainly be optimistic, just make sure it's achievable.

Use specific training for your specific goals- a trainer can help you with this.

Start your training slow and structure its progression- this combats burnout and helps you keep track of how well you're doing.

Find good people to train with- this is imperative to keeping your spirits up.

Enjoy what you do.

Get some help from a trainer to advice on the best ways to get you in the best shape you can be in. (That's where I come in!)

At Primal Fitness we are not a Thai fighting gym, but we believe everyone has their own fight to win. Whether that be to lose weight for a wedding, a holiday or simply to feel better about themselves, we can design a fitness plan that is suitable for everyone at any level, which is taught in a safe, fun environment using with these 'Fight Camp' principles to help you get in shape for YOUR fight night!

I I hope you can see how a structured, goal-driven approach can be instrumental in helping you achieve your fitness targets, just the same as preparing for a fight. If you would like any further information at all regarding my ethos and approach to fitness, or any clarification on the concept of utilizing fight training to help you achieve your specific fitness goals, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am always happy to have a chat about anything fitness-related, so please give me a shout!

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