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The Primal way to get fit in 2017

Happy New Year everyone! So, Christmas is over and we’re all back to work. This is the time of the year when we’re all attempting to lose those extra pounds. January is also the time where companies, celebrities and anyone who’s trying to make a few quid will be offering their fitness advice.

It can be such a confusing time knowing who to listen to and which is the best way forward to help you get fit this year. Here in this article I’m going to talk about how we at Primal Fitness help our clients get fit and healthy with us.

Offering Great diet advice

With so many different diets, food options and shakes being advertised, at Primal we offer a basic diet strategy consisting of healthy, natural, non-processed foods. Lean meats and fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables are the way to go. This is an age old proven great way to lose weight, have more energy and keep on track with your health and fitness.

Group fitness training

Training in a group of like-minded people will really help you get in great shape. At primal we offer Boxercise, Circuit classing, Primal conditioning and our Primal HIIT class. These all work you in different ways, helping to improve strength and muscle tone as well as testing your heart and lungs to improve your cardiovascular fitness. We help everyone with their technique and form to push their training, which is taught in a fun class environment.

Personal Training

Some people don’t feel ready for a group fitness class. They may have very specific goals to work towards or maybe just want to have an hour to themselves. This is where personal training can help you. Each session is planned around your specific goals, focused on you, tailored to your exercise likes and dislikes and arranged at a time that suits you. At Primal we’ve been training our clients this way for 10 years and have achieved fantastic results in making our clients more fit and healthy.

A friendly and chilled place to train

At Primal we have a friendly, chilled gym where we don’t believe at shouting at people to get results. This encourages people to train with us and return to our sessions therefore gaining better results over a long period of time. Our sessions are always based around proven, varied exercises to keep your body guessing and help get the result you want! We also have the best soundtrack in the world, so that helps too.

These are the way that we help our clients at Primal get results! So whether you come to us or are starting your fitness journey elsewhere, you can use these methods to make 2017 the year that you achieve your long term fitness goals.

For more information on Adam and Primal Fitness give us a shout on 0784163808 or adam@primalfitnessstudio.co.uk

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