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Think Primal to banish the Christmas excess!

Here at Primal Fitness we’ve all had a great Christmas, chilled out and enjoyed the party season… and the excesses that come with it. This is a fantastic time of year but obviously come January we’re all looking at getting back into shape. A good way of doing this is to use the Primal ways of the caveman!

Eat natural

During Christmas we’ve all gorged on processed foods that expand the waistline and make us feel sluggish. So on your first shopping trip after festivities, fill your trolley with all-natural foods: vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, fish and lean meats. Think what has been farmed without visiting a processing factory. Keep it natural and you’ll gain energy, feel better and start to shed those excess pounds.

Batch it up

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors wouldn’t polish off all their finds in one sitting; they’d store more for another day. Use this theory when making your healthy meals. Cook extra for the next day to take to work and snack on so you’ll have nutritious options throughout the day. Also take fruit, veg and nuts to stop you heading to the vending machine mid-afternoon.

Get moving

Cavemen had to look for food, walk long distances, sprint and lift their bodies as well as heavy objects. Incorporate this into your training. Use steady cardio sessions as well as sprints, bodyweight exercises and full-body Olympic lifts such as squats, deadlifts, cleans and presses.

With exercise it’s important to start slow with everything. Don’t fall into the common trap of starting too quickly after Christmas. Begin slowly and progress every couple of weeks. Lift light weights at first, run/sprint small distances and progress slowly. An injured caveman isn’t any good to their pals.

Keep with your tribe

As we often say at Primal to our members and on our blog posts, you have to enjoy what you do. The days of pounding out endless hours on the treadmill are gone. I wouldn’t last two sessions doing that! It’s all about mixing it up and enjoying your sessions. Find friends to exercise with – that way you’ll spur each other on in a group fitness environment and have more chance of being fitter and healthier this time next year.

That concludes our Primal Fitness guide to getting caveman fit! This is the perfect time to start. Always focus on your long-term goal and this time next year you could be the fitter, healthier version of you!

If you’d like any more information on what we have to offer at Primal Fitness Melton Mowbray and how we can help you, don’t hesitate to call Adam on 07841 638008 or email info@beprimal.co.uk


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