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5 Primal tips to stay fit and healthy in lockdown.

5 Primal tips to stay fit and healthy in lockdown.

With the Corona virus hitting our towns and cities these are times like no other. During lockdown it's of great importance to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Exercise can help the body and mind during these testing times.

Heres our top 5 Primal tips to keep fit and healthy.

1 - Keep on Moving

Obviously we're only being advised to leave the house for 1 hour a day. This is a great chance to go for a walk, get on your bike or go for a run. With our step count being significantly lower, using this time is very important. It also might be a great time to to start that couch to 5k you've been thinking of.

Whatever your choice, start slow and increase the distance over time, we now have plenty of that. So, your goal will be within your reach in no time.

2 - eat healthy, eat smart.

Our daily movements will be much lower now getting those 10000 steps will be much harder to achieve. Therefore our need for fuel will be lower. You may feel you're not as hungry at meal time, so basically eat less. Eat a healthy, balanced diet with loads of fruit and vegetables. Your body really won't need that extra tube of pringles and ice cream if you aren't moving.

3. Learn about fitness

With all this extra time on your hands try learning about your favourite sport or cooking some healthy meals. Learning new things will also keep your mind active.

There's also so many different ways to learn about fitness. Looking on YouTube, reading books, Instagram etc. Always do your research and get your tips off people who are qualified or experienced. There's many charlatans about! For weight loss James Smith on Instagram is very good.

4. Home workouts.

Theres never been a better time to complete home workouts. Look on social media and every fitness professional is banging them out. Joe Wicks has even got on Prime time TV. So, with plenty of choice find a trainer that's offering something you enjoy and has some progression. Start dead slow, and progress over time. If you can get some free weights, resistance bangs and kettle bells in then even better!

We're posting our workouts on our Primal Fitness Facebook page if you'd like to try ours.

5. Be positive

With all this illness and negatively around its really important to stay positive. Set your self goals, have times of the day set out to be positive and train.

Keep the mind and body active and you'll feel much better about this situation and be in better shape come the other side.

If you have any other questions on how to keep fit and healthy. Give Adam a shout on info@beprimal.co.uk or call 07841638008 or check out www.beprimal.co.uk

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