• Adam Chambers

Primal Bodyweight Workout 2019

Here’s a full bodyweight workout to work through, each workout is 8 minutes long with 30 seconds per exercise with 30 seconds rest x 4 (30,30,30 -30 Rest x 4) then rest between sets

Have a good stretch and get warm before you start.


Workout 1

Squats / Press ups / Sit ups

Workout 2

High knees /Alternative Lunges / Leg Raise

Workout 3

Side Lunge / Wide Press ups / Core Kick out

Workout 4

Back Lunges / Mountain Climbers / Plank

Workout 5

Jump Squats / Tricep Dips / Hollow Hold

Workout 6


Burpees x 30

Give us a shout if you have any questions on this workout or any exercises

Nice one


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