• Adam Chambers

The Primal 8 Ways to Weight Loss

1. Eat vegetables, eat the ones you like, try new ones, chose different colour, in stir-frys, salads, roast them... have them as snacks, just eat loads of veg.

2.Empty your house of all treats, or hide them away. Take the temptation away.

3. Fill your pad of healthy foods, with the temptation away and healthy snacks to hand, your diet will instantly improve.

4. Get moving more, take the stairs, walk/bike to work, walk around the office, take the long way home, go and feed the ducks. Just get moving!

5. Find an exercise you enjoy, join a club, get friends involved, head to a gym you’ve heard good things about, buy a bike. Just do something you enjoy and want to do and improve at, and the results will come whilst you’re having fun.

6. Lift weights. Pumping iron has so many benefits, improved strength, better balance, looking better, have improved metabolism, improved weight loss and better movements for your daily life.

7. Take body measurements. Sometimes the results won’t show on those bastardly scales, so taking measurements will help show your progress.

8. Don’t lose hope, sometimes you won’t lose weight as quick as you like, you’ll have parties, or a binge session. Just don’t give up, think about how far you’ve come and get back on the healthy eating and exercise again

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