• Adam Chambers

Think Health in 2020

We’re well into January, there’s a good chance you’ve looked in the mirror, re evaluated your health and decided to go on a health kick. The trouble is you more than likely did that last year, as well as ever year since you left school. Most of us are still in the same or even worse shape than we were last year with the latest ‘New year, new me’ push failing. So, here’s some tips to try and make this year the one where you reach your fitness goal.

Make small changes

If you quit everything in one go you’ll more than likely fail, some can do it but most can’t. Try and make small changes. Cut out chocolate one week, crisps the next and so on. This way you won’t have a crash and be heading to the biscuit aisle on you first shop in January

Eat more vegetables

Just putting more vegetable on your plate is a great change to make, pop a variety of different vegetables in the over, roasting up a delicious plate of goodness, pop a bit of lean meats in there too and that’s a really healthy meal to help with your weight loss.

Slowly does it

With your exercise just start slowly! An Olympic athlete doesn’t start their training cycle by hammering it and getting PB’s straight away. Just start with steady exercise, nobody likes to be fighting for breath and unable to walk up the stairs the following day. Progress your training over the weeks so it’s enjoyable, also take a notebook into the gym with you so you can record your progress and see noticeable results as your fitness improves.

Think Health

Everything you’re doing should be to improve your health not how much weight you can lose. Weight loss is great but if you’re losing it too quick you’re putting yourself under too much strain through training that’s never good. Make these healthy eating and exercise changes are to nourish your body and improve your health. The only way you can do that is to eat a variety of natural foods regularly and slowly progress your training.

In it for the long run

Goal setting is a massive part of your get healthy plan. If you think short term you’ll end up in the same position next year. A long term plan will ensure that this time next year you’ll be fitter and healthier with all you healthy new habit part of your everyday life.

That concludes are get healthy this year tips! Make this 2020 the year where you make the positive changes in your life. If you install healthy habits, learn to enjoy healthy nourish foods that will give you energy to train the right way and the drive to enjoy the new healthier, fitter you then this time next year you’ll have the body and the health to be proud of.

If you would like any more health, fitness and diet advice please don’t hesitate to call Adam on 07841638008 or email info@beprimal.co.uk, check out www.beprimal.co.uk or pop on down to Primal Fitness, 4 Charlotte Street, Melton Mowbray

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