• Adam Chambers

What's Shake'ing Primal's Cage?!?

At Primal we're a happy bunch. We like to promote great, healthy, natural foods and progressive exercise plans that work together. We want to help our Pri-mates reach their goals in a safe manner while reinforcing good habits that stay with them.

What Primal does NOT like is people trying to sell bad habits, offering shake diets and similar 'plans' that may look like they work short term, but always fail long term. These 'weight loss experts' have simply been told by their bosses the most effective way to go out and sell the snake oil. Is it proven? Are independent facts available? All that most of these 'diets' actually do is line pockets as part of the pyramid scheme... sorry, 'network marketing' scheme.

A shake diet just restricts calories, which burns not only fat but all-important muscle. That affects your metabolic rate (the number of calories you burn by just living) and therefore you put on weight when you stop. Everyone knows this happens, but it's hard to say no when you want to lose the weight.

Such diets do not teach you good, healthy, nutritious habits that will stay with you forever.

January is a fantastic time to start forming good habits. We've all drunk too much and finished of that tin of Quality Street. So your body will be crying out for healthy, natural nutrients without the alcohol. Cut all the bad stuff out and replace it with good and you're bound to lose weight.

So Primal's advice is to steer well clear of all these diet cons, just fill up your trolley with fruit, loads of vegetables, nuts, seeds, leans meats, and fish. Eat home-cooked, natural, nutritious meals that your body is crying out for.

No matter what your local pyramid seller tells you, you don't get that from a powdered shake.

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